About Me

Hello! Thank you for coming by.

My Jenny Bartoy Handmade business is closed. In 2016, I made the move to freelance editing and writing full time, and I found I no longer had the time to sew for clients. I had so much fun making and selling handmade items for five years and I'm grateful to all the friends and customers who supported my business.

These days, I post sporadically when I've made a project worthy of sharing. But most of my time is spent providing literary and business editing services to individuals and organizations. You can find me at Bright Edits or on Twitter as @jbartoy. I'd love to hear from you.

* * *

I learned to sew as a little girl, alongside my mother who was fearless with a sewing machine. After losing interest in fabric and stitches for many years, I re-discovered sewing when I began having babies in 2007. I taught myself how to make quilts, burp cloths, pot holders, and other textile goods for my home and family. Everyone in my life received some handmade originals (lucky them, ha!). As my skills improved, it made perfect sense to open an Etsy shop and share my creations with the rest of the world.

Nature, patchwork and clean design inspire me. I love to work with linen, burlap, wool felt, and modern designer fabrics. My artistic approach reflects my ideal of a sustainable lifestyle: I use natural materials and re-purpose whenever possible. For example, most of my fiber art begins on a background of upcycled burlap sack.

I am a writer at heart, with a passion for sewing, drawing and crafting. For years, I blogged about my handmade projects on Stumbles & Stitches, a creative conversation with my friend Angel. As time passed and we moved on to different endeavors, that blog has become dormant (though the archives are still available online if you'd like to browse). I now share projects here on my Jenny Bartoy Handmade blog.

I enjoy designing original projects and writing tutorials. My projects are featured in the books Never Been Stitched (February 2014) and Fat Quarters: Small Fabrics, More Than 50 Big Ideas (March 2015), both edited by Amanda Carestio and published by Lark Crafts, as well as on the amazing (and sadly defunct) blog Whip Up.

I currently reside in Tacoma, Washington with my husband, three kids, and a rambunctious kitty. I find such inspiration in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and through the eyes of my children.